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Our Services

The Empire Effect Agency is made up of a team of several Kingdom-minded virtual assistants and team members who are ready to serve you. We offer a wide range of services to support your with personal and business related tasks. If you're looking for something short-term, long-term, or just needing support with a project you're working on, we're here to help bring your vision and project to life.

Executive Assistant

If you're looking for an executive assistant, you've come to the right place. Our EAs handle the administrative tasks to run your business efficiently and effectively, including, but not limited to, (1) meeting and project management, (2) data entry and documentation, (3) research, (4) email and calendar management, (5) MS Office tasks, (6) personal online errands, (7) full travel and event planning, (8) systems and project management, (8) prioritizing your tasklist, and so much more.


Personal Assistant

Our PAs are different than an EA, as personal assistant focus more on personal tasks more than business-related tasks. Our PAs help with personal tasks to help you with your work-life balance with assistance with (1) shopping for groceries and household items, (2) running errands, (3) managing your personal/family calendar, (4) arranging and scheduling appointments and personal meetings, (5) personal inbox management, (6) arranging and scheduling other support personnel as needed, and so much more.


Customer Service

Are you becoming overwhelmed with the customer service needs in your growing business? Perhaps you're spending too much time answering emails and phone calls and not enough time doing what you do best. Our customer service representatives are here to help you increase customer loyalty and deliver a transformational customer service experience for your customers. Our reps can help support with (1) inbox management, (2) data entry, (3) follow-up, (4) chat support, (5) order processing, (5) inventory management, (6) account management, (7) system and process development, (8) online community management and so much more. 


Social Media Assistance

Do you desire to increase your brand awareness and online presence? Our social media managers are here to help you with (1) account set-up, (2) content creation, (3) post scheduling, (4) social media engagement, (5) content and hashtag research, (6) data reporting, (7) online community management, and so much more. 


Project Management

Need help achieving your project goals or turning your vision into actionable steps and objectives? Our project managers are here to help turn your vision into life and hold all parties accountable. From planning, organzing, and directing, we're here to see your project to completion on time, on budget, and exactly the way you envisioned it. Our PMs are here to (1) plan development and creation, (2) timeline development, (3) vendor and logistic research, (4) vendor coordination, (5) task buildout and scheduling, (6) event planning, (7) accountability, and so much more. 


Virtual Research Assistant

Our virtual research assistants are here to help you with all of your online research related tasks. They're ready to support your with (1) data compilation, (2) content research, (3) product research, (4) online research on any topic, and so much more. 


General Admin Support

Are you looking for something more broad, yet comprehensive? We offer general administrative support that includes, but is not limited to, (1) inbox and calendar management, (2) travel planning and coordination, (3) reporting, (4) data entry, (5) customer service, (6) project management, (7) note taking, (8) basic bookkeeping, (9) system and process development, (10) correspondence, and so much more. 



Do you need content written for your website, blog, social media captions, or future launch? We're here to help. Our copywriters are experienced in helping with copy for email content, marketing content, social media content, sales pages, and blog content. 


Product Launches

Are you getting ready for a product or service launch? Do you need support with ideation, market research, strategy, marketing automation, graphic design, or customer service, we're here to help you have a successful launch. 

Don't see what you need on the list of services, contact us, for a customized quote!

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